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Ayotzinapa and Mexico’s cry for justice

Here is something you might not know: Mexico was ruled by the same political party for 71 years. Now, after a brief pause of 12 years, the same party is back: the Institutional Revolutionary Party (or PRI) won the last election promising that it was a new party. The “Nuevo PRI” or “new/reformed” PRI was going to be more democratic and leave behind the authoritarian past that it had been known for. This promise was at the centre of Enrique Peña Nieto’s campaign during the elections back in 2012. Part of the international optimism about Mr. Nieto’s victory was derived from a perceived change in politics-as-usual in Mexico. Now, that optimism has all but disappeared. This text is an attempt from someone who has been part of the protests against Mr. Nieto to explain what is happening and why. Who is Enrique Peña Nieto? Peña Nieto is a politician that grew within the traditional ranks of the PRI party. He was a bureaucrat during the tenure of Mexico State’s governor Arturo Monti